Best Places For Tile In Your Home

Tile. It’s a surface that each of us has somewhere in our homes. Whether it’s in the bathroom, the laundry room, or in the entryway, we are all familiar with it. However, one thing that constantly gets overlooked is the versatility of tile. It can go in any room in your house, and there are a wide variety of tasteful tile designs that not only look good in the bathroom, but the living room, as well. Let’s take a look at some of the best locations for tile in your home.

The main reason that tile is primarily seen as a great solution for a bathroom or kitchen is due to the fact that tile is moisture resistant. Splashes of water will not cause any damage to tile, and can quickly be cleaned up. Dirt and stains all rest on the surface, meaning that clean up is a piece of cake. Tile is also not conducive to heat, as it stays cool even as the temperatures rise. That’s why many homes in the Southwest have tile floors throughout the home. It is also a very cost-efficient and durable material that will last 20 years.

Having said that, there are some drawbacks to tile, meaning that while is in an option for any room in your home, it’s not the ideal option for certain areas. Tile is a very hard flooring, so it is not pleasant to stand or sit on. As mentioned earlier, tile is not conducive to heat. So while many homes in the Southwest use it to help them stay cool in the summer, tile stays cold in the winter. In the four-season climate we enjoy in Utah, that leads to some chilly floors in the winter.

Taking that into consideration, tile is absolutely recommended in kitchen and bathroom areas, due to its water-resistant properties. It is also an excellent fit for a laundry room and entryway. While it would be an effective solution for any room in the house, we wouldn’t recommend tile floors in bedrooms, living rooms, family rooms, or hallways, mostly due to it being uncomfortable and leading to chilly toes in the colder months.

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