Great Flooring Ideas, What Best Fits You?

We are already into October and the holidays are right around the corner. Many of you will be hosting your family parties from the comfort of your own home. What better way to impress this upcoming holiday season than giving your home an upgrade with high quality wood flooring, beautiful tile and elegant carpeting? We specialize in all of these areas and will help you find the perfect upgrade to complement your living space.

Let’s start where you will be preparing all those delicious holiday meals-the kitchen. Since tile is waterproof it would be the obvious candidate and best utilized in the kitchen and bathrooms. The biggest benefit of tile is that there are a variety of different styles you can choose from. It also works well in the dining area. Once installed you won’t have to worry about the unavoidable scratching and spills that would leave your carpet stained and ugly. Every mess cleans up fast and easy with our durable tile in these high traffic areas.

Hardwoods are a great option for your living room. The custom textures and professional installation make these rooms the most popular in the home. Not only do these wood floors looks amazing once installed, they also have a great resale value. Our custom stain design gives your floor complete originality and sophistication that will be experience on a daily basis inside your home. Throwing down a rug can make the rich colors in the hardwood pop and offers a solution if noise becomes an issue.

For those low traffic areas, like hallways and bedrooms, carpet is always the ideal solution. Our carpet options include, Lexmark, Stanton wool, Dixie Group, Masland, Fabrica wool and nylon. Carpet is quick and easy to install and prevents echoing. Find the one that best fits your style and gives you the quality and comfort you need in a home.

Luxury vinyl tile is another upgrade that can look just like real wood or tile. It is hard to tell a difference and often saves you a little money from a real hardwood solution. Areas with a high activity level work great for our Laminate. One of the biggest benefits to having Luxury vinyl tile in your home is that it is very hard to scratch. It is a perfect candidate for those kitchens that have bar stools or dining rooms with chairs get dragged across the flooring.

We have a variety of these products for sale and pride ourselves in the quality of work we provide to our clients. No job is too big or too little and we are confident you will love the result. Not only are we able to offer top quality work but our pricing is extremely competitive. With so many options available we know how lucky we are to get your business and our work reflects our appreciation. Call Topmark Floor & Design today if you are looking for redo your flooring in Park City and surrounding areas and we would be happy to get you a bid on the areas you are wanting to upgrade!