What Makes Luxury Vinyl Flooring So Luxurious?

Luxury vinyl tile is a great flooring option for commercial business and home owners and many are choosing this option for its affordability and strength. Luxury vinyl floors can replicate the character, graining and look of real hardwood and you can also buy textured tiles that look identical to real stone tiles.

The Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

  • A process called photogravure can create remarkably realistic 3-D photo replications of natural materials and place these onto vinyl tiles.
  • Luxury vinyl tile can be purchased at a fraction of hardwood or stone’s cost. In short, you can create the same luxurious look of more expensive flooring for half the cost..
  • Tile that is 100 percent vinyl boasts green building standards.
  • It meets safety requirements for flammability, slip resistance and other safety codes.
  • It’s easy to maintain.
  • Luxury vinyl flooring is water resistant and easy to clean up after a spill.
  • The thickness includes wear layers that are scuff, dent, scratch and stain proof, with a top layer of coating to enhance durability.
  • Luxury vinyl tiles can handle high-traffic areas easily and withstand commercial wear and tear.
  • There is a wide selection of styles, shapes and sizes, ranging from distressed wood to slate.
  • Typical installation can be completed in half the time it will take to install ceramic tile. Luxury vinyl can also be glued down or floated; meaning individual tiles are clicked together and installed without glue to float on a special underlayment.
  • Luxury vinyl flooring is warmer to the touch than other natural stones and it also absorbs sound, so if you’re placing it in your home it creates a more peaceful atmosphere.