Need Flooring Ideas?

The Top Ten Flooring Upgrades for Your Home

Home values are rising. With interest rates at an all-time low, making sure your home is as valuable as possible is critical in a seller’s market. Whether you are looking to sell your home, or simply wanting to make sure it looks as good as possible, upgrading your home is important. If you are wondering where one of the best places to upgrade you home would be, simply look down.

Upgrading the flooring in your home not only increases your pride in your home, it also increases property values. Experts are all in accord: upgrading the flooring in your home has a significant role in increasing your home’s value. In noting that, let’s take a look at the top 10 ways in which you can upgrade the flooring in your home.


  1. Install a cork floor – Cork floors are beautiful, soft, and a wonderful addition to any home. Cork is an excellent solution in bedrooms and kitchen areas, while offering a variety of beautiful patterns and styles. It is an excellent replacement floor you will simply love.
  2. Install an engineered wood floor – Replacing your existing floor with an engineered wood floor offers a beautiful solution that features a wide selection of species and colors. Engineered floors offer the same traditional look of hardwood floors at a fraction of the cost.
  3. Install a tile floor – That linoleum floor in your home is not only dated, but probably in dire need of replacement. Tile is durable and simply beautiful, and will transform a kitchen or bathroom instantly.
  4. Install carpet – Carpet is a classic floor that is soft and homey. It’s a wonderful solution for any room in the home for living and relaxing. Installing new carpet in your home, whether to replace existing carpet or other type of flooring can also increase its value.
  5. Refinish an existing floor – Hardwood floors can get stained and discolored after awhile. Sanding down the existing finish and providing a new finish rejuvenates the floor, while adding a rich new dynamic to your home.
  6. Paint your floor – Many types of tile and hardwood floor can be painted in a way that adds a fun, jovial look to your home. Checkerboard patterns are popular, and beautify your home, giving it a unique style that you will love.
  7. Diversify the flooring in your rooms – Just because you have carpet in every room in your home doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up. Tile in the bathroom, carpet in your bedrooms, and hardwood floors in your living room and kitchen provide a diversity and style to your home that can be appreciated and enjoyed.
  8. Utilize rugs – Hardwood and cork floors can take a bit of a beating over time. Furniture, kids, and pets can leave their mark. As a result, rugs are a protective solution that are simply beautiful. Rugs can complement any room décor.
  9. Install a floating wood floor – Floating wood floors are great for two main reasons. They provide insulation and they prevent moisture from wreaking havoc on your hardwood floors. Combine that with the classic elegance of hardwood floors, and you have a winning solution
  10. Epoxy garage and work area floor – Garages are often a neglected area of your home. However, epoxying the floor will prevent the accumulation of oil leaks and other stains that can blemish your garage floor. An epoxied floor is easy to clean and looks good.


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